The founders of Veoci bring in-depth management, technology, marketing, and support experience gained working together for almost ten years at GE with a mission critical application. They are experts in enterprise class security, performance, and quality requirements. Our background in many industries and cultures helps us develop a useful product, a skill set that we have used at our previous jobs and which we are using today.

We have extensive experience in software development and business, giving us an edge in creating solutions for real people doing real work.


Naiara Azpiri

VP, Sales

Veoci - Naiara

Naiara (Nai) joined Veoci in early 2014 as the sales team leader, and has ten years of experience in IT consultancy, outsourcing, and cyber security. She has worked with numerous Fortune 1000 companies globally to optimize their IT management and information security processes. Like many members of Veoci, Naiara was also part of the GE SupportCentral team where she helped internal customers assess, improve, and digitize their processes. Naiara has set up go-to market operations in South America and has worked with teams in Asia and Europe. She speaks five languages.

Naiara has an MBA and a Bachelor's Degree in International Business from the John Welch School of Business at Sacred Heart University. In her spare time she is an expert practitioner in the Brazilian martial arts of Jiu Jitsu and Capoeira, even though these hobbies have been put slightly on hold since the arrival of her daughter.

Her favorite sauce is Piperrada, a Basque pepper sauce.


Dan Dormont

Co-Founder and Chief Technologist

Veoci - Dan

Dan co-founded Grey Wall after nine years at GE, where he served as senior software developer with the SupportCentral team. As CTO, he has led the development of the Veoci software from the beginning, setting overall technology strategy and engineering practices, guiding the development team, as well as building essential components of the Veoci platform itself, with a special focus in the areas of real-time messaging and data management.

Dan holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Yale University where he focused on languages and systems. Besides his work at Veoci, Dan also enjoys skiing and choral music.

His favorite sauce is matriciana, a traditional Italian pasta sauce.


Nathaniel Ellis

Co-Founder and Consulting & Customer Support

Veoci - Nathaniel

Nathaniel helped start Veoci after leaving General Electric. As one of 2 non-technical founders, he wrote and gave the first demo; made Veoci's first sales; and later rode out Hurricane Sandy in an EOC with our first customer. Today he is responsible for the amazing team that provides support, training and consulting to our awesome customers. At GE, he was the manager of Business Solutions for SupportCentral and developed a team that grew to 130 people.

Nathaniel has a degree in Geography from the University of Cambridge and was Paul Mellon Fellow at Yale University, where he earned an M.A. in International Relations. He was previously Head of Geography at a school in West Africa and has both won and lost by wide margins on primetime quiz shows on 2 continents.

His favorite hot sauce is Akabanga, from Rwanda.


Sukh Grewal

CEO and Co-Founder

Veoci - Sukh

Sukh co-founded Grey Wall Software with key members of his team on the SupportCentral project at GE. He has led the company for the past five years with a collective vision that places their product, Veoci, as the leader for Emergency Management and recognized by the Gartner Group as a "Cool Vendor" for 2015.

Sukh holds Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and a B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur. With his thesis on "Instabilities in Vaporizing Liquid Layers" he joined GE with experimental data on fluid mechanics of natural convection during the shutdown of nuclear reactors. After that he was the Program Manager for engineering computing, leading the move to CMOS-centric computing for GE engineers, and he also developed the economic model that allowed GE to develop large data centers. Sukh spent the next ten years at GE Aircraft Engines pioneering the adoption of 3D computer models and the application of methods used in the design of engine parts to the design of the manufacturing processes to build those parts. Beginning in 2000 and continuing for the next ten years, Sukh created and supervised the SupportCentral system, which grew to become the biggest enterprise work/social platform in use with 360,000 users in twenty languages. Sukh holds fourteen patents in fields as diverse as heat transfer, forging, tooling, social networks, and business processes.

In his spare time, Sukh likes to read and explore the themes underlying global cuisines. His favorite sauce is Major Grey's Chutney.


Ken Moon

Co-Founder and Design & Development

Veoci - Ken

Ken is an IT industry veteran who has served in a diversity of roles, ranging from UI and UX design, security, project leadership, and program management. At GE for 11 years before co-founding Veoci, he is fluent in Agile methodologies and Lean development, and is a leader of the Veoci development team, focused on confident, rapid development of the cutting-edge features and improvements our customers need.

Ken holds B.A., M.Phil., and M.A. degrees in American Studies from Yale University. While there he single-handedly built Cross Campus Library's (now Bass Library) first web site, thus beginning his career in web development and design. These days you can catch him humming k-pop tunes, trying to find the perfect sketching app, and fantasizing about the live music studio he wants to build in his basement.

His favorite sauce is McDonald's Hot Mustard Sauce (there's no point to Chicken McNuggets otherwise).


Tamás Simon

Co-Founder and Engineering & Operations

Veoci - Simon

Simon co-founded Veoci after 13 years at GE, which he joined as an IT Leadership Program recruit after graduating from Franklin & Marshall College with a double major in Math and Business Management. While at GE Simon implemented and ran a global password reset system, and in 2003 he started a web file sharing and document management project - GE Folders - an in-house, global SaaS system. He continued growing the system as development team leader and was responsible for the architecture, infrastructure and operations of GE Folders/Libraries and its sister application, SupportCentral. His areas of expertise include solving complex problems and designing, building and running large enterprise scale systems. He is an avid soccer player and fan.

His favorite sauce is Erõs Pista (Hungarian for "Strong Steven").