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COVID-19 Vaccination Solution: Preparing for a Safe Return to Work

As organizations start to return to their offices, they'll need to create a safe environment for their employees. For some organizations, that means ensuring employees who spend time in the office are vaccinated against COVID-19. This kind of operation requires data gathering, stakeholder coordination, and approval workflows; sloppy data storage and oversights can jeopardize both the employees' health and necessitate another closure. Organizations need a platform that can handle all that data, ensure its accuracy, and help maintain a healthy environment. Learn more about Veoci's COVID-19 vaccination solution in this white paper.

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Simple Form for Employees

Push a form to employees to quickly complete and attach vaccination information

Streamlined Approval Process

Automatically route submissions to personnel to verify the data

All Data at a Glance

Compile all program data into a dashboard for a complete scope

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