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Keep Pace with Federal and State Vaccine Mandates

Vaccine mandates are helping the US and other parts of the world increase the resilience of communities against COVID-19. Through an executive order, contractors and subcontractors working with the US government must maintain certain pandemic safety measures to secure their work at the federal level. One of the primary safety measures is vaccination, meaning contractors ad subcontractors need to gather proof of vaccination from their employees. Such a system can be put together quickly with the right software; read this use case to see how your organization can track COVID-19 employee vaccinations and comply with the executive order.

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One Simple Form for All Employees and Contractors

Push a form to employees and contractors to quickly complete and gather vaccination status

Streamlined Approval Process

Automatically route submissions to personnel to verify the data

All Data at a Glance

Compile all program data into a dashboard for advanced analysis and recordkeeping

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