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Special Event Management

Special events for airports take a similar shape to IROPs, but require their own attention and tailored approach. Plan for the challenges of special events at your airport and chart out a course for returning to standard operations.

Stay ready with actionable, digital plans

Get templated notifications out, assign tasks and checklists, and bring all stakeholders together without needing to be in one location.

Create template notifications to send communications during an activation in just a few clicks

Alert stakeholders and personnel of important checklists and tasks as soon as you launch your airport’s plan.

Transcripts and complete records of events feed into corrective action, allowing your airport to continually improve it’s special event management.

A step up in collaboration

Special events have many moving parts. Bring your team a tool that lets them coordinate and collaboration seamlessly while planning and responding.

Dedicated Rooms for each special event

Veoci Rooms give your team a single and organized virtual space for all planning, response, and collaboration for each event.

Real-time updates

See new chats and updates as soon as other users send them. Even if someone loses internet connectivity, all messages come in and out once they reconnect.

Curate notification recipients

Lists let administrators control who receives what notifications. Don’t bog down personnel with unnecessary communications.

Bring in external stakeholders virtually

For events involving other parties, invite them to your planning and Room in Veoci, and flexible permissions settings control their access and visibility.

Integrate special event management with SMS and more

Save time by letting information seamlessly move between your essential safety operations

  • Risk management
  • Reveal the risk levels associated with special events through automatic calculations and matrices
  • Let special events management and SMS inform each other; break down walls and transfer information between the two operations
  • Hands-free exchange
  • Custom Actions instantly kick off new risk assessments for new special events
  • Data moves between operations once a user submits the information
  • Closed areas
  • Track closed areas related to special events with GIS mapping layers

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