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Aircraft Incident Management for Aviation

Every safety effort put forth by the many teams and departments of an airline is to ensure the well-being of passengers and crew members, and to avoid the worst case scenario - an aircraft incident. Should an incident happen, an immediate response with a complete plan of action is critical, and being able to execute that plan immediately, with every team notified automatically, eliminates delay.

Translate your documented emergency plans, checklists and standard operating procedures in plans and execute them at the click of a button

Share information, photos, videos, documents and geographic location in real-time across multiple departments and agencies during an emergency

Send alerts to specific people or groups by Phone, Email, and/or SMS. Trigger an alert when a task is assigned, when a plan is launched, or when someone is mentioned in a message

Get status updates or collect information in a structured format with custom, drag-and-drop forms. Export and import data from forms into PDF and Excel formats.

Build intelligence into your online forms by defining a process for approval and review of your data. Customize actions, set remindersand escalations at every step of the process.

Add data such as incident location, perimeters, and incident command location on a map, or pull your existing GIS data as overlays with our digital, interactive maps.

Aggregate information and updates from multiple departments in a centralized dashboard. Pull information from tasks, forms, workflows, maps, and messages into the dashboard to make it the central page from where you can monitor and manage your incident response.

Veoci’s all-in-one emergency management platform empowers airlines to design and execute their own emergency plans to fit their unique needs and respond in the most proactive way. Combine your entire suite of tools into one single platform as you communicate in real time, send alerts and mass notifications, create custom forms, workflows and checklists and view all critical data on a high-level dashboard for quick and easy command.

Face crisis and continuity challenges with expert solutions designed for you and your teams.

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