IT Disaster Recovery

At some point, one of your systems will go down - it's an inevitability. Ideally you'll have backup systems ready to spin up and have running in minimal time. But hitting your RTO and RPO targets depends on everyone a) knowing that there's a problem, b) being available and able to respond asap, c) aligned on how to solve the issue and converging on the solution together. Veoci provides, in a single framework, everything you need to coordinate all the activities that need to happen in order for you to achieve your recovery objectives.

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Keep your Business Afloat When Systems Go Down

End-to-end exercise and drill management with pre-exercise reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, planned and on-the-fly insertions, and drill execution, all on the same system

Align cyberattack responses with BCM - one place for tools, information, communication, teams, experts, and stakeholders. Perform triage in an orderly, organized manner with no crossing wires or miscues, launch recovery strategies directly from the BCP

Alerts and check-in requests via phone, SMS and email to get everyone in the know and confirm that the right people are available and ready to act. Invite external support and SMEs as guests to the virtual situation room to ensure a successful response.

Create a live, evolving record of exactly what happened and when with all teams contributing in real time, easily accessible for future reference

Use Veoci as a workaround procedure when facing extended downtime - build alternate versions of your solutions on Veoci ahead of time or on-the-fly, and redirect users to it to minimize the gaps in your business process streams

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