Daily Operations

Veoci lets airports easily customize a daily operation solution to manage, monitor and document a complex and dynamic operational environment. While Veoci provides solutions for compliance operations, it also simplifies routine airport functions through intuitive, customized solutions. Perimeter or water checks, vehicles, access gates, fuel farms, non-Airport owned NAVAIDS, passenger loads, parking, staffing levels and assignments and hangar or tie-down locations can all be captured in a Veoci solution. Automatically generated daily logs document all aspects of an operation, providing an accurate and concise log of daily activities. All of this data can be shared with authorized parties through secure dashboards.

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Routine Operations Take Less Time During the Day

Share specific data in real-time about daily operations with authorized stakeholders

Document all tasks and functions in one centralized location

Access information on any internet-accessible device through Veoci’s website or mobile app

Use historical data to create operational analytics

Manage gates, staffing, resources, purchase orders and other administrative functions

Customize alerts and notifications and create supervisory approvals based on your policies

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Daily operations for each airport are different and require tailored solutions. Veoci’s flexible solutions allow all aspects of airport operations, from administrative and routine side to emergency and compliance, to be documented and shared as determined by the Airport.

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