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Emergency Management for Government

For a city or town, bad storms come in many guises. Natural disasters, accidents and spills, civil unrest, infrastructure failures - your Emergency Operations Centers needs to be ready no matter what the emergency, and no matter where staff and responders are. Veoci's cloud-based virtual EOC centralizes everything you need into a single platform, giving your teams better response times and decision-making capabilities throughout the response and recovery. Using Veoci as your virtual EOC, you can accelerate your city's recovery time and have things back to normal in no time.

Connect all the departments and teams working on the city's response in real-time through their computers and mobile devices

Instantly alert teams with notifications to developments, task assignments, and work orders

Use GIS mapping to visualize incidents and critical tasks happening out in the field. Share curated views of closures, impacted areas, and with stakeholders and the public.

Centralize critical info and display it through drag-and-drop Dashboards to maintain complete situational awareness throughout your city's response

Face crisis and continuity challenges with expert solutions designed for you and your teams.

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