Veoci is nominated for Product of the Year by DRI!

Emergency & Crisis Management

With Veoci, all parties involved in managing an emergency are fully connected in real time and alerts and notifications are sent to specific people or groups by phone, email, and SMS. Authorities can monitor and track campus activity via GIS mapping. Critical data is always up to date and quickly accessible allowing incidents to be dealt with immediately.

One virtual meeting place to link all involved departments, teams, and stakeholders

Track resources and log incidents in real time

A centralized, up-to-date database with all important records stored and ready to be accessed quickly and easily

An interactive, digital map showing all activities or potential areas of concern on campus 

Launch and control plans according to a timeline while tracking the assignation and completion of tasks

Run virtual tabletop drills using your real digitized emerency plan

Face crisis and continuity challenges with expert solutions designed for you and your teams.

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