FAA Compliance Management

Processes for compliance between the FAA and airports have changed. Veoci’s FAA compliance management solution creates customizable dashboards to let airports easily share FAR 139 compliance items with its annual FAA certification inspector or other authorized stakeholders. This dashboard allows authorized userseto see items the airport curates, reducing the cost and time associated with compiling, printing and organizing records for annual inspections. Since data can be filtered and continuously updated, an airport will also be ready for any ad-hoc or surprise inspections. This solution aggregates data from other existing solutions within Veoci however it can also be configured to just show uploaded documents such as PDF and image files.

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Meet All the Requirements of FAA Regulations

Provide specific content to authorized users through secure portals

Maintain continuous compliant by automatically adding data across your airport's other Veoci solution to this solution

Share documentation from various records, including inspections, work orders,  NOTAMs, incidents, wildlife and training

Add and remove content to reports at any time

Eliminate paperwork by sharing digitized records

Customize alerts and notifications for expiration dates and other compliance needs

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Quickly and easily manage annual inspection paperwork by sharing your selected digitized records with the FAA. Sharing records in advance of an annual inspection can reduce operational downtime and disruption by allowing for record review anytime and anywhere. This allows you and your inspector to focus on field inspections and required ARFF testing and not sorting stacks of records.

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