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IT Incident Response for Aviation

Keeping the planes in the air, allowing tickets to be sold and preventing passengers from waiting at terminals or on tarmacs is essential for continued business success. Any issues with reservations, maintenance or other systems that interfere with these goals need to be addressed and fixed as quickly as possible. And if the fix isn't readily available, run an alternate version on Veoci during recovery efforts.

Activate the NOC and notify the appropriate general IT personnel immediately

Assign the right teams to the task based on the incident type based on a structured plan

Records of previous similar incidents – the cause and the fix

Achieve Zero Downtime for certain systems by building them ahead of time or on-the-fly on Veoci

Communicate with executives, departments, stations and potentially the public in real-time with specific messages for each

Veoci’s communication, data management and dashboards make responding to and sharing data for IT issues, including cyber attack response, easy and fast. Quick actions can be taken, data can be collected and analyzed internally or shared with outside officials, and downed systems can have the processes they ran spun up on Veoci while those systems are recovered.

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