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Lease Management for Aviation

When managing multiple tenants , airports are responsible for documenting and keeping track of a full set of information for each tenant, including the specific hangar, contact information, and a list of maintenance issues. When airports have hundreds of hangars, efficient record keeping and sharing that information with operations is critical.

Digital mapping to show exact location of hangars from an aerial view, with all information regarding them at the click of a button

Digital and customizable forms to completely eliminate paper processes, stored and easily-accessible in one central database

Point-and-click configurable dashboards for a high-level view of the status of lease payments, expiring leases or required/pending hangar maintenance tasks

Assign tasks and work orders with alerts and reminders, and track their status to completion

All features accessible via the mobile app so lease and hangar inspections and managementcan be done easily on smartphones or tablets directly from the airfield

Veoci takes your extensive hangar and tenant data from paper to an interactive, digital platform. Excel spreadsheets can be directly imported into our system. All critical information about hangars/tie-downs and all tenants is integrated and easily accessed as you click on your hangar location on the bird’s-eye view map of the airport. Information on lease expiration, payments, prices and all hangar details such as necessary maintenance orders are documented and alerts are sent and no one misses a deadline.

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