Lease Management

Veoci’s airport lease management solution tracks and visualizes the location of assets on maps and manages financial and contractual components of an airport’s leasing and property management programs. The consolidation of all documentation along with automatic notifications and public portals allows for seamless communication between airport departments and tenants. Examples of uses include managing tenant databases, keys, properties, concessions, lease payments, waiting lists, communications, invoice generation, permitting, based aircraft and inspection records.

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Your Airport's Complete Picture of All Lease Management Operations

Digital and customizable forms to completely eliminate paper processes

Publish public portals for tenant and vendor documents and communications

Use GIS mapping to visualize locations and status

Combine with a work order system to manage service requests and required inspections

Scalable solution that can match any airport's operational scope

Create automatic notifications and alerts to communicate expiration dates, document requirements and work and service requests

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Veoci transforms extensive hangar and tenant data from paper to an interactive digital platform. Excel spreadsheets can be directly imported into Veoci, enabling a quick and easy migration of all pertinent data. Manage deadlines and service requests with automatic notifications and alerts to internal and external stakeholders.

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