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Medical Emergency / Pandemic Management for Aviation

The unique circumstances of air travel make responding to inflight emergency and managing global spreading of potentially dangerous diseases very challenging. Lives are at stake, perhaps on a very large scale. The right actions need to be taken, involving the right people at the right time, with data to help officials understand the situation.

Assist with passenger manifest management

Integrate to other internal airline systems for information

Easy-to-access emergency planschecklists and standard operating procedures that can be executed at the click of a button

Send alerts and notifications to local stations, Go-Teams, Family Assistance or other specific people or groups by phone, email, and/or SMS as situations develop

Collecting information in a structured format that can be shared with outside agencies as appropriate

Provide geographic data such as incident and embarkation location on a map

Aggregate information and updates from multiple locations or systems in a centralized dashboard

Veoci’s communication, data management and dashboards make responding to and sharing data about medical incidents easy and fast. Quick actions can be taken, data can be collected and analyzed internally or shared with outside officials, and lives can be saved.

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