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Mowing Area Management for Aviation

In order to adhere to FAA standards, airports must monitor and control vegetation on and around the airfield. Airports need to remain aware of the status and growth of their many and often very large grass areas while also managing lawn maintenance resources efficiently.

bird’s-eye view using GIS on a digital map to allow visual awareness of each lawn and it’s growth status labeled by color

Drag-and-drop configurable forms to with custom fields for grass condition, last mow, how long it took, last rainfall, etc.

All lawn and mowing information digitized and organized into separate rooms for each airport team (administrators, management, maintenance), while keeping information streamlined in shared chat views to quickly share updates

All equipment and resource information readily available on customizable dashboards and forms and easily managed by those authorized

Create tasks and work orders directly from the field via tablet or smartphone with our mobile app and create, assign and track work assignments to completion

Veoci’s platform delivers a way to visibly manage each large lawn and mowing project to ensure all lawns adhere to FAA standards. Lawn maintenance progress is tracked in virtual Tasks and Workflows so administrators can see what work is completed, still in progress or needs to be initiated. Veoci’s software provides full situational awareness visually, interactively and portably with Veoci’s mobile app. Notifications and alerts are sent via email, telephone and SMS to ensure that all teams are informed of each project and its status.

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