Vehicle, Gear and Apparatus Inspections for Fire Departments

Inspections play a pivotal role in maintaining and managing a firehouse, both for legal purposes as well as guaranteeing the safety of your personnel. Routine inspections are needed for trucks, hoses, ladders, PPE, and many other aspects of a firefighter’s everyday job. At Veoci it is our job to simplify the control of all inspections and permits.

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Never Lose an Inspection and Maintain Data Transparency

Assign all initial and follow-up inspections with the Task and Workflow tools and track their progress to completion

A central database for all current and past building inspection information to be accessed at the click of a button when needed

Instant mobile alerts, notifications and chat threads available on and offline to keep all parties aware of important updates and information

Create and export inspection reports with automatic or drag-and-drop custom form templates

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New and follow-up inspections are easily assigned and all of the various steps and processes are tracked, monitored and recorded while accessible by any authorized user. All critical information is recorded in one digital platform and accessible when it is needed. Team members stay in communication via instant chats with photo sharing and alerts via computer, smartphone or tablet. Inspections can be completed on site using a smartphone or tablet.

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