Violation & Citation Management

Veoci’s customizable violation management solution allows airports to digitize their violation process. Many departments are often involved in ensuring safe tenant and vendor operations such as operating rules and regulations, badging, vehicle compliance, safety and security. Easily manage your violation management program with automated processes including public response portals, escalation paths and notifications to employers, authorized signatories or other internal customers.

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All Violation Data Digitally Captured in One Report

Reduce paperwork through digitized record keeping

Centralize all documents related to citations including communications, investigation results and appeal decisions

Share violation information with authorized stakeholders such as the airport's badging office, departmental managers and tenant authorized signatories through customized alerts and notifications

Maintain time-stamped records to ensure all policies are followed, deadlines are observed, and tasks are completed timely

Use historical records to identify trends based on violation type, location and tenant  

Manage risk by sharing trends with tenant working groups, increasing the overall safety posture of your airport

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Safety and security are an airport’s top priority. This requires airports to enforce their rules and regulations through a well-documented violation process that includes notifications, training, tracking and an appeal process. Veoci manages all steps of this process with a digitized workflow, allowing your airport to use legal team-approved processes and correspondence documents to automatically escalate, assign and send notifications to relevant stakeholders.

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