Emergency Management Software

Provide specific views of the response to stakeholders and responders.

Let stakeholders observe your progress over the course of an incident, easing their minds, and letting you stay focused. Define the level of access and transparency for each department or partner to control the flow of information and provide coherent, confident incident reports.

Identify the locations of affected areas and resources.

When pushed to its full potential GIS information can help you quickly tackle incidents and identify potential problems before they escalate. Veoci allows you to see an aggregate of tasks, resources, assets, and personnel on a single map so you can visualize an emergency's impact, construct a plan of attack, and monitor the recovery effort.

Fulfill reimbursement requirements with little extra effort.

After-action reports are a breeze with Veoci. The system documents and organizes everything, from work orders to status changes, as they happen, providing you with an accurate account of events. Records can be quickly retrieved, input into digitized ICS forms, and then sent to FEMA.

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