Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Buildings, facilities, campuses, and offices all need good physical security systems. An outdated system can create extra work or even let unvetted persons through and put employees and other people at risk. Security teams need a system that seamlessly takes requests, streamlines approvals, simplifies check-ins, can adapt to changing regulations, and offers transparency at every level. Veoci can put these abilities in any team’s hands, and gives them a space to share information between shifts, store data, and push notifications when necessary.

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Approval and tracking on one platform

A Single System Visitor Management Solution

No need to rebuild different processes for employees, vendors, VIPs, and contractors. Veoci offers robust Workflows and Forms that support entire visitor management lifecycle all under one roof. Deploy the solution, train employees, and maintain the data all within one system.

Contactless Check-In and Verification for Hosts and Guests

Use QR codes or NFC tags to securely check-in key personnel or VIPs, or implement contactless check-in via both an iOS or Android app. Allow your hosts to easily manage multiple requests for their guests through integrated Workflows. Leverage notification templates to alert parties when their requests have been processed.

Push and Integrate Lists with Powerful APIs

Leverage Veoci’s robust APIs to lookup visitor information against restricted or sensitive lists automatically. Export data using both one and two-way integrations for even greater insight. Auto-reject any flagged visitor requests before they even come to your team for easier management.

Gather Any Data and Roll It into Reporting Dashboards

Customizable Forms let your organization collect any critical information from potential visitors. Process this data as it comes in and analyze it in real-time to find trends. Dashboards build situational awareness and give a look into expected and current visitors, and can be pushed to anyone in the organization.

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