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Explore Our Webinar Series on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

We're dedicated to helping with the response to COVID-19, whether that be at the individual or organizational level, and have been working with top experts, professionals, and practitioners to relevant, useful, and accurate information to help you manage this crisis successfully.

Part 1: Coronavirus: Updates in an Evolving Story

Understanding the coronavirus is the first step we can all take in pushing it back and preventing it from spreading. Dr. Marie Louise Landry, Director of Clinical Virology Laboratory at the Yale University School of Medicine, discusses the coronavirus and what the medical community currently understands about the disease. Recording unavailable, read the summary here.

Part 2: Coronavirus: Immune Response to Viruses

Dr. Paula Kavathas, Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Immunobiology at the Yale University School of Medicine, continues the discussion on coronavirus (COVID-19). In this webinar she explores what viruses are, how the body an immune system combat viruses, and how vaccines work. Watch the recording, or read the summary here.

Part 3: Practitioner Panel: Continuity in the Face of Coronavirus

Four practitioners (on the Veoci team) in the fields of healthcare and emergency management as they share best practices for tracking and responding to COVID-19 or other major health crises. Watch the recording, or read the summary here.


The Virtual EOC: Long Term Pandemic Management

Four practitioners and experts in the field of emergency management share their experiences using virtual Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) and discuss their benefits and applicability in prolonged crises such as COVID-19. Email to request a recording of the webinar.


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