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HIPAA and COVID-19: What Organizations and Businesses Need to Know

BCI’s Education Month is an annual campaign that promotes education and training opportunities for disaster recovery and business continuity practitioners. This year’s education month theme is “Facing the Future Together."

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) is an international network of disaster recovery and business continuity experts with over 8,000 members in more than 100 countries. BCI’s vision is to enable members to obtain guidance and support from fellow practitioners.

Veoci is proud to present two webinars alongside BCI within the theme of Facing the Future Together.

Education Month: HIPAA and COVID-19: What Organizations and Businesses Need to Know

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations, especially hospitals and healthcare systems, to rethink and reshape their processes. The demand for information from both patients, families of patients and the public is at an all time high. In our increasingly digital world, many organizations are seeking out cloud-based methods of instant communication and data sharing. However, compliance with HIPAA regulations remains an important priority given the sensitivity of Protected Health Information (PHI).

In response to COVID-19, some HIPAA compliance has been relaxed by the Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights, which has issued the following:

HIPAA non-enforcement notices related to

  • tele-health
  • community-based testing sites
  • business associate disclosure of PHI for public health services

And guidance related to

  • first responders and disclosures to family and friends involved in care and for notification purposes.

Even with this temporary relaxation in HIPAA compliance , secure methods of communication are as important as ever. Once the public health emergency is over, though, compliance will no longer be relaxed. Therefore, it is important to both understand the current situation and also how to handle PHI now so that once the enforcement of HIPAA Rules reverts to normal, you can be compliant.

This webinar will: (1) review the current status of HIPAA and COVID-19 in light of these non-enforcement notices and guidance, and (2) share methods of secure PHI documentation and sharing for HIPAA compliance today and going forward.


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