Emergency & Event Management
for Universities and Campuses

Be prepared for
any incident

Have a plan of action in place for all situations, ready to deploy at any time.

A gunman has been sighted. You've employed your campus-wide notification system and everything is locked down. Now what? Veoci ensures that all the pieces of your emergency plan (team members, tasks, and resources) can be initiated at the click of a button.

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Coordinate your response with the city and other campuses.

Veoci allows teams to seamlessly collaborate with outside parties. Users can follow each other's progress and keep each other updated without taking anyone away from critical duties.

Take the stress out of recurring events and make them feel routine.

Every university has to organize complex, high pressure events and manage a multiplicity of stakeholders on a regular basis: commencements, student move-ins, athletic events. Veoci lets you automate and refine your plans so that each successive occurrence runs more smoothly than the last.

Top Photo Credit: Joe Shlabotnik via Photo Pin CC