How Hawaii DOT Digitally Transformed Environmental Compliance

Wednesday, October 9th, 2024
2:00PM EST / 11:00AM PST

Join our webinar to learn how the State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation Airports enhanced environmental systems management by implementing an advanced online platform across its 15 state-owned and/or operated airports.

From stormwater permitting requirements, to tenant inspections, asset inspections and tracking, spill and illicit discharge notification and response, and much more, HDOT’s cloud-based platform supports most any critical airport operation. By replacing paper and file cabinets with comprehensive, adaptable tools for managing environmental compliance, real-time task tracking from assignment to completion, mapping capabilities, notifications, document handling, and training programs, this has allowed for a significant reduction in manual effort from personnel.

Like many government agencies who understand the importance of remaining aligned with evolving regulatory requirements and operational needs, the Hawaii Department of Transportation has a particular mission of environmental stewardship that has been made easier to foster by a single collaborative platform. The ability to integrate with other IT systems has made HDOT’s mission stronger.  

Join our webinar hosted by the professionals who implemented these comprehensive solutions to learn more about how the State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation, Airports is finding success in streamlining environmental compliance. 

To learn more, read HDOT’s story featured in Airport Improvement Magazine.

Presented by

Stacy Paquette

Environmental Health Specialist
Hawaii Department of Transportation

Molly Cunningham

Staff Geologist
Haley & Aldrich

Dennis Peters

Principal Environmental Manager
Haley & Aldrich

Simone Simbeck

Sr Client Account Manager
Haley & Aldrich

Alexis Rainery

Haley & Aldrich

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