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Efficient Patient Evacuation Drills with Sentara Health

When a crisis event occurs at a hospital, the way you respond is crucial to the health and safety of your patients and staff. See how Sentara Healthcare was able to transform their response efforts with Veoci in this webinar on patient evacuation drills.

What will you learn from this webinar? 

With Veoci you can...

Streamline Emergency Management

With Veoci you can communicate in real time, monitor tasks, run drills and exercises, and see the status of all facilities affected during an incident.

Digitize EOC Rounds

Veoci gives you the freedom to move around your facility conducting digitized EOC rounds. You can take pictures to embed in your forms, automatically log data, and even assign tasks based on what you find on your rounds.

Establish Solid BCP Plans

Veoci doesn’t just help you with your planning and response, but with your recovery as well. Build a BCP in our platform and use it to minimize downtime and bounce back faster after an incident.

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