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Whole Community Solutions: One Platform for All Municipal Departments

Guilford Fire, The City of New Haven, and the Town of Trumbull know communication and collaboration are instrumental to the success of operations. In this webinar, three Veoci users discuss how they connect disparate processes and departments across their communities through Whole Community solutions. It's been a big benefit for their municipalities and surrounding communities, bringing new efficiencies to their operational and emergency processes.

What will you learn from this webinar? 

With Veoci you can...

Streamline Public Facing Processes

Simplify public submission processes like reporting, permitting, and applications through intuitive public Forms

Seamlessly Collaborate with other Departments

Use Rooms, chat streams, notifications, and Workflows to work with other departments on daily and emergency operations

See Everything at Once

Dashboards and Saved Views provide visibility into other operations at a glance

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