Transform Threat Intelligence into Action with Factal & Veoci

Watch this webinar to learn how to significantly cut down on incident response time using Factal’s verified breaking news technology integrated with Veoci’s comprehensive emergency response and business continuity collaboration platform.

Factal is a breaking news and risk intelligence company that verifies and geolocates safety and security incidents using an internal artificial intelligence system and editors who use journalistic best practices to verify the information. With the intention of cutting out the noise and stopping the spread of misinformation, Factal’s editors dive into video reports, eye witness statements and more to ensure validity before sharing the incidents through Factal or partner platforms like Veoci. 

Veoci is a virtual collaboration, management, emergency response and business continuity platform complete with the ability to create custom forms, tasks, workflows, messaging, notification, dashboards, maps, calendars, and reports. With an easy-to-use interface, Veoci’s mission is to make complete situational awareness and efficient incident management accessible to all departments across nearly every industry. 

With Veoci’s custom dashboards, administrators in enterprise organizations, municipalities, healthcare, higher education, aviation and more can create their own master view of mission-critical information both in times of emergency and during daily operations. The Factal and Veoci partnership allows for increased timely visibility and communication on evolving incidents, a clear display of events and activations of interest with verified context along with mapping and notification capabilities based on intelligence and threat assessments.

Watch the Webinar

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