iPrime Services

iPrime Services, located in India’s National Capital Region, is an authorized Veoci Partner in the Middle East and Asia.

The iPrime team has developed many solutions, and demonstrated skill in configuring and implementing Veoci solutions for airports and airlines. The team, after starting with FAA Part 139 and ICAO Annex XIV solutions, has built emergency and crisis response solutions, safety management systems, and wildlife management solutions. Each solution can be deployed to a singular airport or a multi-airport system, and uses Veoci Dashboards to deliver data in real-time.

Additionally, the iPrime team has expertise in business continuity and resilience, having implemented Veoci’s end-to-end Business Continuity Management Program for major BFSI and enterprise customers.

iPrime engineers are experienced, qualified, and vendor-certified. The team has the resources to deliver solutions on Veoci across a range of use cases and industries.

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As a company, we are committed to world-class customer service. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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