Your organization’s rhythm at your fingertips.

Your hospital and network’s first step in serving its community is ensuring its own resilience. Veoci Vitals EM connects you with all teams, departments, and network and coalition stakeholders, enabling planning, incident tracking, responses, and recovery through a complete set of tools tailored for healthcare providers.

Enable everyone at your hospital.

Emergencies involve multiple departments and personnel outside of the response team. Veoci Vitals EM puts those administrators, head nurses, hospital operations personnel in a position to contribute at the speed you need them to.

  • Public Incident Forms accessible to all personnel.
  • Digital Departmental Operational Assessment Forms.
  • Cockpits for quick, virtual communication with other response stakeholders.

When events produce patients or operationally impact your hospital, you need input from everyone. Veoci Vitals EM kicks off a Room for all clinical and non-clinical stakeholders to build a common operating picture, gather data, and start assigning tasks to handle the new circumstances.

  • Templated response plans for different incident types.
  • Digital and immediately accessible HICs Forms.
  • Command Center Dashboard with all incident information.
  • Automatic tasks at launch and ad hoc assignments.
  • Situational awareness Dashboards build a common operating picture.
  • Close incidents as easily as you open them: with one click.

Planning comes before all else. Veoci Vitals EM not only equips your team for incidents, it also does for preparedness. Capture any information for your hospital’s plan and make it actionable during an activation.

  • Fully customizable databases of incidents, potential events, and equipment.
  • Hazard Vulnerability Assessments (HVAs) with pre-populated information in the Kaiser format.
  • The EM Committee Toolkit has everything: scheduling, adding members, sending invites, tracking minutes, and creating tasks and assignments.
  • After-action reports (AARs) with built in accountability through automated reminders.
  • 96 Hours of Sustainability visualizes every facility’s and department’s operational interruption of utilities.

Veoci Vitals EM automatically creates all of the documentation, records, and proof you need to prove your organization’s compliance with standards and regulations at local, state, and federal levels.

  • Instant records and transcripts of communications.
  • Seamlessly move data from incident forms into AARs and HVAs.
  • Recognize response highlights and create improvement action tasks and assignments.
  • Catalogue all incident data through incident response forms.
  • The six Joint Commission Critical Areas built into your AAR.

Everything you need when you need it.

Veoci Vitals EM simplifies planning and response, returning the time your team spends on forms and slow processes back to your number one priority: safety of staff, patients, and others at facilities.

Full incident snapshots.

Capture entire incidents in minutes when they happen and instantly launch notifications, activate your EOC, and begin coordinating your response from a virtual command center with all stakeholders.

See everything, know everything.

One central Dashboard provides all of the essential tools and knowledge. Build a common operating picture, create and assign Tasks, access HICs forms, and get Department Operational Assessments out from one virtual space in just a few clicks.

Close the loop and improve.

Return to the same Form you created for the incident to close it and start answering important questions for your HVAs and AARs. Everything is covered, from smaller details to the 6 Joint Commission Critical Areas.

Before an emergency is considered ‘stabilized’ and the smoke clears, the task of relocating everyone impacted at the scene begins. Affected families will be searching for those relocated or injured as sirens sound in the streets and chaos ensues. Meanwhile, NewYork-Presbyterian’s team, alongside New York City Emergency Management, must also survey through the characteristics of those receiving treatment, simultaneously working to provide information to the surges of people calling in to locate their loved ones.

For practitioners, by practitioners.

Veoci Vitals EM was created with the knowledge and field experience of real healthcare preparedness experts.

No red tape or extra buttons, just no-fat solutions with the tools you need to do your job, whether its during planning, review, audits, or an incident response.

Lance Lynch



Anthony DeGeorge


Former Emergency Management Coordinator for Northwell Health

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