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Paperless City Webinar Series: EOC Management with Isle of Wight, VA

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William Drewery, Emergency Manager of Isle of Wight County, Virginia presented on how the county leverages Veoci’s emergency management solution to improve their disaster response and operations. 

Prior to Veoci, documenting activities was challenging using paper and spreadsheets. Now, however, Veoci provides a centralized platform to track all aspects of an emergency in one place, limiting the chances of things being missed, and allows for easier documentation. 

Coordinating response efforts and sharing information with partners using different systems was challenging. Now, through integrations with other systems, information and task sharing with response partners is enhanced, providing a common operating picture that once didn’t exist.

Dashboards display critical information to decision makers, such as elected officials and administrators, without disrupting the EOC during a storm. Forms and workflows track items like shelter registrations, damage assessments and power outages while also allowing the public to self-report non-emergency issues, thereby reducing unnecessary calls to 911 dispatchers.

Overall, Veoci has transformed Isle of Wight County’s emergency operations center into a collaborative, paperless environment that enhances disaster response and recovery through improved documentation, communication and situational awareness across responding agencies.

You can watch the webinar here.

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