Pandemic Management Solutions

Veoci customers have deployed over 500 solutions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These were implemented in as little as a few hours or a day, and represent the quick turnaround capabilities and quality of support Veoci provides to organizations needing to put processes online or add other digital capabilities. Our customers are using Veoci now more than ever, and we stand ready to assist and serve in managing any public health crisis with them.

Employee, Staff, and People Management

Categorize and track status of offices, clinics, and branch status including closures or reduced hours; filter by geographic data such as state, region, or zip code; send and receive updates.

Office / Clinic / Branch Status Update

Ensure employees are well enough to return to the office, control building access, and see all the data in one dashboard view.

Wellness Checks and Case Management

Check in on employees who have been diagnosed with an infection or are isolating and manage their cases.

Wellness Checks and Case Management

Child Care Reservations for Essential Workers

Request system for essential workers to request child care so they can report to work.

Child Care Reservations for Essential Workers

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Knowledge Center

Contact tracing is one of the most important operations for states, local governments, and public health departments.

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Our customer-focused approach to development allows us to create solutions that solve real world problems and make a real world difference. Your success is our success and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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