Mass Notification

Your ability to disseminate information quickly and efficiently is of the utmost importance. Veoci allows you to get critical messages out instantly, ensuring seamless coordination among teams, departments and the public, regardless of geographical barriers.

Mass Notification Software Solution

Flexibility That Exceeds Expectations

Reliable, fast, and easy to use

  • Assign permissions to allow certain team members to write and send notifications
  • Mass notification and check-ins push information out to the right people and get them quickly integrated into the response
  • Fully integrated mass notification capabilities takes stakeholders from the notification directly into the response
Easy to use communications solution

Two-way SMS creates a conversation

  • Ask team members for their status in the initial notification and assign important response tasks
  • Give team members and other stakeholders the option to update their status via notification as the response progresses
Reliable, fast, and easy to use

Automated conference calls get teams talking

  • Instantly start a conference call to begin briefing stakeholders and developing situational awareness
  • Notifications alert key personnel to conference calls and help kickstart a response
Automated conference calls get teams talking

Follow-up on every device

  • Veoci will automatically follow-up on a recipient’s other devices if they don’t respond on their primary device
  • If someone is unavailable, Veoci will continue notifying personnel listed in a call tree until someone responds
  • Dashboards track this in real time, showing who hasn’t responded, who has picked up, and their statuses
Follow-up on every device

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