Veoci Administrator Certification

Expand your professional skill-set with the Veoci Administrator Certification. You will make processes and functions better through Veoci solutions. Let your organization’s stakeholders know your level of Veoci skill by completing the Veoci Administrator Certification.

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    Complete all requirements remotely.
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    You may already meet certain requirements!
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    Simple process for maintaining your certification.

Take the next step.

Earning the Veoci Administrator Certification demonstrates that your Veoci skills are sharp. Certified Veoci Administrators have the skillset to modernize, automate, and improve operations using Veoci. You will be ready to tackle any Veoci challenge.

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    Become a solutions leader.
    Lead the way on solving operational challenges in your organization and industry.
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    Save time during the day.
    Craft creative and time-saving solutions with your knowledge.

Certified Administrators do more.


More forms, workflows, tasks, and more


active users



Become a Certified Veoci Administrator.

Requirement 1: Knowledge: Training

Complete Level 1 Admin Boot Camp.

Complete Level 2 Admin Boot Camp Advanced.

Requirement 2: Solution Creation

See what other Administrators have built in one of our webinars.

A solution can be anything your organization uses to addresses a business or organization challenge. This can be anything — a survey form, a work order process, or even a virtual EOC.

See what other Administrators have built in one of our webinars.

Build anything with Veoci's No Code Platform

Requirement 3: Present your solution

Bring your solution to show other Veoci users and Administrators what you’ve built. Our team will help you throughout the process! This may be a webinar or another media format.

If you’ve already presented a solution in a webinar, you can use that experience towards this step.

No code Platform for Enterprise

Requirement 4: Keep building

Administrators will need to continue using and building in Veoci to maintain their certification.

You can find more information about how to maintain your Veoci Administrator Certification in the FAQ.

Ready to become a Certified Veoci Administrator?


If you don’t see an answer to your question, you can always contact our team at for more information.

Does the Veoci Administrator Certification expire?

Our team will measure your metrics every 90 days. Your certification will either be labeled as Valid, Endangered, or Invalid.

Valid means you have met the quarterly requirement for maintaining your certification. Endangered means you have not met the requirements and have another 90 days to regain Valid status.

If you are Endangered and have not met the requirements after 90 days, your certification will become Invalid. Invalid Administrators will not have their metrics measured while Invalid.

How will I know when my Veoci Administrator Certification is about to expire?

Your certificate will have a QR code on it. You can scan this code to check your status.

The QR code takes you to a personalized Dashboard with all of the information about your Veoci Administrator Certification. You can track your status and metrics from this Dashboard and access it by saving the link.

Administrators will also receive emails during each 90 day period when their metrics are measured by our team.

Where can I check the status of my Veoci Administrator Certification?

You can find all the information about your Veoci Administrator Certification Member Dashboard once you’re logged into Veoci. Only Veoci customers, enrolled Veoci Administrators, and Certified Veoci Administrators will be able to access this Dashboard.

How do I maintain my Veoci Administrator Certification?

Maintaining a Valid Certification is achieved through continually satisfying the metrics we measure every 90 days for the Maintaining Power Admin requirement.

How can I re-certify?

If an Administrator reaches Invalid status, that Administrator will have to repeat the Present Your Solution step, but for a solution they haven’t previously presented. After completing this step again, the Administrator will need to follow the standard requirements for maintaining their Veoci Administrator Certification.

How do I sign up for Boot Camp courses?

Scroll up! Links to L1 – Introduction to Building in Veoci and L2 – Expanding Your Veoci Building Skills are above. You can also visit

What do I get after completing the certification?

After completing the Veoci Administrator Certification, an admin will receive their certificate via email. Additionally, admins can also complete a Workflow after to receive a t-shirt and a Veociraptor stress ball. Oh, and bragging rights, too.

How will Veoci know if I’ve completed a requirement or stage?

Our team will be able to track an administrator’s progress through the entire process. Each administrator will also be able to track their own progress using a tailored, personalized Dashboard.

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