Simplifying Risk Assessments & Environment of Care Rounding: How Valley Health Reduced Time & Effort in Mitigating Hazards

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In this webinar, John Williams, Sr. Director of Public Safety, Emergency Management & Safety for Valley Health, presented on how their organization uses Veoci to streamline risk assessments and environment of care rounding across their large healthcare system.

Valley Health has seen significant benefits from implementing the Veoci platform to digitize their risk assessment and life safety rounding processes. Previously, over 90 locations across six hospitals relied on manual paper forms, which created inefficiencies in data collection, analysis, and visibility for leadership. By working with Veoci to convert forms into customizable digital Workflows, Valley Health has been able to standardize processes, gain real-time oversight, and streamline Tasks.

Key processes like environment of care rounds and facility inspections can now be conducted using Veoci’s mobile application, streamlining operations and negating the need for paperwork. Automatic follow-up requests, work order generation, and customized Dashboards have improved response efficiency when issues are found. Additionally, integrations with other systems such as ServiceNow will further optimize maintenance Tasks generated from inspections. 

Most importantly, Veoci’s flexibility allows Valley Health to address unique needs as their programs evolve in a highly regulated healthcare environment. While some remaining locations are still in the process of becoming fully digitized, Valley Health has already experienced significant benefits from their Veoci partnership. With John Williams’ guidance and ongoing customization support from Veoci, the organization is well-positioned to maximize patient safety through streamlined risk assessment and Environment of Care rounding processes. Watch the webinar in its entirety, here.

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