Communication & Collaboration

Effective communication is the key to success. By enabling real-time information sharing, it will allow your organization – and its stakeholders – to remain well-informed and aligned with stated goals/objectives. Further, it can help bridge geographical gaps, creating seamless collaboration among dispersed teams and ensuring all members are moving in lock step.

Communications & Collaboration Software Solutions

Flexibility That Exceeds Expectations

Cut minutes out, communicate in real-time

  • Real-time messaging, file uploads, and location and image sharing paint the same picture for everyone using a device
  • All participants can share updates and other critical information in real time for other stakeholders to see
  • Group messages in threads to organize incoming information and get stakeholders up-to-speed

Secure messaging and email alternatives

  • Industrial grade encryption and an A+ third party security rating mean every word is protected
  • If your systems go down, immediately spin right back up in Veoci

Increased accountability, visibility and participation

  • Timestamped logs and records give you a trail to follow for decision-making and after-action reviews
  • See how everyone is working and communicating through responses and operations
  • No barriers lets all stakeholders immediately log in and start collaborating with the team

Break down silos and open doorways

  • Share information across departments, organizations, districts, and more
  • Limit information visibility as necessary, letting only the right eyes see certain information
  • Create a direct line of communication between leadership, players in the field, department heads, specialists, contractors specialists, and more

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