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You need a platform that allows you to plan, respond and review all within one space.

Your Game Day Playbook

Flagship Event Management Software Solution
  • Every game should be treated differently. Cut out confusion with emergency action plans for each event.
  • From courts to arenas and stadiums, every venue is unique. Identify these differences and connect them to events.
  • Map venues. Customize locations, traffic routes, and posted officers while identifying any incidents during a game? Believe it.
  • View what contests are on the horizon along with the departments you’ll need to coordinate with.
  • Asset management is part of your daily routine. Take inventory, make assignments and fulfill needs with a click.
  • Prepare Game Day plans hold information until the room is launched. Then, it’s game on.
  • Keep athletics and facilities, fire, EH&S, medical, parking and transportation informed during each individual event via your Command Post.
  • Take the time to reflect upon your season and celebrate the wins while learning from the missed plays.
  • Incidents will happen during events. Escalate them to campus emergency management when necessary.
  • Assign tasks automatically when an emergency action plan is triggered.
  • Manage resources throughout the response, and ensure that requests are being fulfilled.
  • Easily complete After Action Reporting once the event has concluded, with all data and relevant response information in one place.

Create a common operating picture and maintain situational awareness for your unified command!

  • Plan, respond and review all within one platform
  • Make real time changes, escalate and activate plans when necessary
  • Download reports to review how your game day went or reflect upon the season

Commencement, like all other major campus events, has a lot of moving parts and requires collaboration, communication and organization, while different teams on campus need to be notified of their roles and responsibilities.

For practitioners, by practitioners.

Veoci Gameday was created with the knowledge and field experience of real higher education preparedness experts.

No red tape or extra buttons, just no-fat solutions with the tools you need to do your job, whether its during planning, review, audits, or an incident response.

Lauren Mink
Higher Ed


Former Continuity / Emergency Planner at East Carolina University

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