Managing Commencement: Graduate from Dated Planning

Commencement, like all other major campus events, has a lot of moving parts and requires collaboration, communication and organization, while different teams on campus need to be notified of their roles and responsibilities. Planning committees communicate via email for months leading up to the event, align agendas, coordinate speakers, and figure out locations and transportation needs. In this webinar, Justin Miller, Emergency Management Coordinator at UNC Chapel Hill, walks through plan activation, incident tracking and more to ensure that commencement day runs smoothly, and Lauren Mink CEM, Product Manager at Veoci will then discuss optimizing preparedness for the months leading up to commencement.

Instant communication and coordination across campus.

One centralized space allows all teams, stakeholders, and shot-callers to share information and collaborate on the fly.

Always ready with the right plan.

Pre-build a response plan with automatic task assignments and notifications to launch whenever it’s needed.

See incidents and developments in real-time.

Visualize incident reports and asset location with precise locations with GIS mapping.

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