Your EOC platform should suit the unique needs of your campus.

Veoci’s Flagship solution provides your staff a complete tool kit that can be seamlessly integrated with the important software you already rely on, completely customizable, and always available.

Flagship Event Management Software Solution

A common operating picture across departments is essential.
Your Veoci solution keeps every department and team in secure contact during day-to-day operations, special events, and emergencies using dashboards with tailored views and customized notifications.

Flagship Event Management Software Solution

Thankfully, emergencies don’t happen every day. There is, however, work to be done on a daily basis in order to make sure that when an incident does occur, your campus is prepared.

Communicate and collaborate with stakeholders in a single space, critical to creating a common operating picture.

Imagine a one stop shop that connects all departments on campus. A place where training and exercises can be announced, weather can be tracked, a screen where everyone from the police department, to academic affairs can update and become informed.

With so many programs and related projects happening on campus, a solid program and team management solution is a must.

Information is absorbed differently by organization or even by department. Whether it be through Gantt Charts, graphs, color coding, and more, choose how you see the information you need.

Track projects from the outset, see the owners as well as the target completion dates that have been identified.

Manage your meetings and minutes. Schedule out touch-bases, identify agendas, keep notes and identify tasks.

EOP’s are not one size fits all. Develop an actionable plan that works for your organization.

Upload your base plan and also create ESF annexes that your campus needs.

A successful EOP means that responsible persons know their roles, understand where they fit in and are capable of executing their tasks.

Reviews can be laborious and time consuming. Streamline reviews and easily perform Hazard Vulnerability Analysis’ (HVAs).

During an emergency, the ability to provide real-time logistics and resources to responders at the scene is imperative.

Manage task assignments to team members and be able to swiftly share essential information to decision makers.

ICS templates take what can often be a taxing process and parses the information down to what FEMA needs. Email and share documentation directly from the platform.

Manage resource requests from initiation to fulfillment and customize the operation to fit your unique process.

Complete damage assessments out in the field on your mobile device and have it available instantly on your desktop. Review assessments and visualize any and all damage on a map.

Recovery starts as soon as the incident begins.

After-Action reviews are easier when all related information is in one place. Use the data to identify corrective actions, but also recognize what went well and see how that outcome can be replicated in the future.

View every corrective action that has been identified. This can aid in funding at the end of the year and also provides another level of transparency with your executive policy group.

Program reporting and logistics should be easy and worry-free.

Your school’s visitor tracking, asset allocation, work order, emergency planning, and continuity programs are centralized in an always-accessible virtual platform.

Your processes are enhanced and protected, with digital workflows, built-in escalation rules, and reminders.

Reporting to school leadership and other key stakeholders is simple, automated data collection and dashboards that update in real-time.

Commencement, like all other major campus events, has a lot of moving parts and requires collaboration, communication and organization, while different teams on campus need to be notified of their roles and responsibilities.

Meet the Team

We understand that with Emergency Management, the most valuable lessons happen outside of the classroom. Which is why we have Practitioners who have held your position on our team to help create and maintain the solutions that we offer.

Lauren Mink
Higher Ed


Former Continuity / Emergency Planner at East Carolina University

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