Business Continuity Management Software

With Veoci, there are no gaps in your business continuity management program. Build business continuity plans, exercise plans, and create work around procedures all on the same system. When you can plan, respond, and review all on one system, your organization is ready for incidents.

  • Integrate BIA and real or test scenarios to determine impact to key functions
  • Revision control and archiving of BCPs
  • Launch plans faster with one-click activation
  • Automatic escalation designed to mitigate impacts
Business Continuity Management Software

Flexibility That Exceeds Expectations

Create a zero RTO reality for your organization

  • Immediately deploy alternates or stopgap solutions when critical applications go down, cutting out RTO
  • Restore communications by switching over to Veoci’s secure and separate platform when standard communications are down
Business Continuity Quick Analysis

Capture the entire business continuity plan life cycle

  • Seamlessly move essential function documentation and other data through each state of the planning process, from assessment to plan implementation
  • Customize a business impact analysis/risk assessment for your organization from a template
  • Integrate and schedule reminders at predetermined intervals to keep plan up-to-date
  • Make stakeholder participation painless using simple Forms
Capture the entire business continuity plan life cycle

Dynamically scale recovery plans

  • Keep recovery plans reactive to meet the level of impact across systems and resources
  • Stay flexible through predetermined actions that answer changing circumstances and personnel changes
Business Continuity Plan Status

Put recovery plans into operation automatically

  • Cut out system-to-system translation by making recovery plans flow directly into task assignments
  • Start coordinating your organization’s response as soon as you initiate a plan
Put recovery plans into operation automatically

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