Asset and Inventory Management for Today’s Government.

Whether it’s during blue skies or an active incident, asset and inventory management plays a big role. The operation’s importance doesn’t mean your organization has to spend a lot of time or money managing it, however. Veoci AIM Gov streamlines all the tracking and picks up all the data along the way, revealing trends and opportunities to save some funds and avoid headaches.

Find gaps, recognize trends, and save time and money.

Assets and inventory come with a lot of data. Simplify how your organization gathers that data, maintains records, and makes information visible to stakeholders.

  • Master Inventory Forms track inventory through QR codes, barcodes, NFC tabs, or uniquely generated barcodes from Veoci.
  • Track inventory transactions virtually through built-in adding and removing processes.
  • Assign unique barcodes to individual assets and inventory items to instantly populate details like name, description, or location when scanned.
  • Gather data at each step to find excessive spending and other operational gaps.

Laws and regulation add another layer for your organization to work through with its assets and inventory. Even through fast-paced periods, ensure your team is checking all the right boxes.

  • Capture full disposition details for each asset and item in your organization’s inventory.
  • Pull in use hours, repair histories, and other data in a digital document for export and submission to FEMA or other regulatory parties.
  • Couple an asset’s or item’s data, such as its disposition, funding source, or use restrictions, to its Master Inventory Item for instant reference.

Asset and inventory management are big operations, but their administrators can stay ahead with the right data and controls.

  • A total view of the operations, from inventory levels, maintenance progress, locations of assets, usage trends, and more available through a single Dashboard.
  • Integrate with existing systems and data through ServiceNow, AssetWorks, MUNIS, WebEOC, Esri, and more. Create a single ecosystem with no disparate data.
  • Complete audit usage trails attached to inventory requests leave no details hidden.
  • Schedule regular maintenance for assets, and alert stakeholders to upcoming or due repair tasks.

What’s simple for the administrator should be simple for the end user. Ensure your end user can contribute as much as they can to the operation.

  • Digitize requests to create a single request start-point.
  • Veoci’s mobile app puts the whole solution in end users’ pockets. All requests can be performed in the field.
  • Personalized Dashboard for each end user grants quick access to links to create inventory requests, request maintenance, or remove inventory.
Ready for the daily operations and EOC activations

Ready for the daily operations and EOC activations.

Your organization needs a solution that works during daily operations and responses. Regardless of your EOC’s status, Veoci AIM Gov has the tools you need to track all assets inventory, maintain preparedness, and meet any reporting expectations.

No hidden data.

Veoci AIM Gov is streamlined and accessible, dropping the extra hurdles or time sinks when saving time matters most — quick streamlined requests and always available on mobile.

Powerful trend recognition and extra savings.

Compiled reports reveal trends and gaps in how your organization’s asset and inventory operations. No extra steps are needed; each action generates data, which Veoci AIM Gov captures and works into your reports and saved views.

Stay ahead of events and shortages.

With all of your operational data in front of you, ensure your organization keeps inventory levels high and maintains asset availability for sudden incidents and seasonal surges.

A photo of the front of the Fort Bend County emergency operations center (EOC) in Texas.
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For practitioners, by practitioners.

Experience from our team created Veoci AIM Gov. We built the solution to go beyond the basics and give our customers the opportunity to do even more with the asset and inventory management.

Chip Orton


Former Director of Emergency Management for Amarillo (TX) Area Office of Emergency Management

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