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Veoci Flagship: A New Look for an Established Solution

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The Veoci team has a lot of experience in the field, each practitioner using their time from both the field and the office to create solutions that accommodate the demands and stresses of responses and daily operations. Veoci Flagship is just one example of that “for emergency managers, by emergency managers” philosophy.

Flagship was created with the understanding that Emergency Managers don’t have time to spend on building a solution that works for them from scratch. They needed something that worked immediately for their operations and their EOC, but was also flexible enough so operations and processes didn’t have to change.

Now, Flagship isn’t the same as it was when I first joined the team in 2019. We are now on its fourth iteration, a fact that we are not only proud of, but one that I think demonstrates the importance of continuous improvement that can be found throughout all of Veoci’s solutions.

New versions have come out the last four years, each time including changes that were suggested by customers, as well as from trends that were noticed by our team during product implementations.

The changes and updates we make come from two sources: our customers’ wants, needs, and suggestions, and our team’s own homework. Each practitioner takes care to keep up with industry best practices as well as maintain the relationships forged with past colleagues, to make sure that our team is staying in touch with the ever-changing internal and external demands our customers face.

This in turn allows us to be able to better serve our users, anticipate what they’ll need, and make those proactive additions and changes. I truly think that this is one of the key differentiators that makes Veoci so special: we have a fantastic product, but more importantly, a skilled and experienced team in both your area of expertise and within the capabilities of the platform.

Since the inception of Flagship, a lot of the included solutions have become automated. This means that our team is able to do the work on our side much faster, which in turn, means that the overall implementation time has been significantly cut down.

Another essential aspect of improvement has been the ever-increasing ease of adding on, or integrating with, other solutions that Veoci offers. As our customers use the platform and see the benefits it provides, they can simply expand the use of it throughout the organization, whether it be for game days and other events, EH&S, and more.

At its core, the product addresses something that was, and still is, one of the biggest challenges on campus: connectedness. When an emergency event occurs, facilities get locked down. This means that everyone on the response team could be stuck in different buildings all across campus. With Flagship providing a virtual EOC, it no longer matters where team members are, they have access to everything they need in order to respond accordingly.

Continuously enhancing and fine tuning the end user experience is also something that our team takes very seriously. We understand that for a lot of your users, they will only be on the platform during exercises or activations. This means that creating a comfortable and intuitive environment is as important as the plans they’ll be working with.

To provide this setting, help text and detailed Form tours guide users through processes in real time – no training ever needed. Consistent branding across applications for Higher Ed users can also aid in creating a space that feels familiar.

We are excited to offer more branding opportunities to bring in our institution’s colors, logos, and more. Brand identity and school pride we know, will help in building legitimacy and establishing congruence with your end users, which in turn will only further their use of the platform.

As I mentioned before, we’ve already created four comprehensive and effective iterations of Flagship. As Product Manager for our Higher Education vertical, I cannot express how excited I am to continue to improve Flagship alongside my team and to make sure that our customers have everything they need and more.

I’m always happy to sit down to talk further about how Veoci can help your institution. Please feel free to reach out to find a time to chat about all of the exciting initiatives that we are working hard on.

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