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At Veoci, we are proud to be a team made up of practitioners that have the common goal of helping other practitioners in their respective fields. We understand that this is something that sets us apart and also brings invaluable resources to our customers.

We wanted to make it easy for our readers to find the profiles we’ve completed that capture the extraordinary careers of our team members. Each one is listed and linked below. Please check each one out if you can!

Brian Barnes

Brian Barnes’ easygoing nature and quick wit make him an extremely likable person, but beyond his charismatic persona lies a person of great substance.

Brian has lived a life full of adventure and discipline, which has instilled in him a strong work ethic and respect for the field of emergency management, and has ultimately led him to become the Aviation Client Success Manager at Veoci.

Anthony DeGeorge

Nearly 20 years of experience as a first responder and emergency manager (who used Veoci in the field) has prepared Anthony DeGeorge to create and implement solutions that will improve operations for our healthcare clients.

Anthony has had a career full of many ups and downs, which comes with the territory, but he perseveres and maintains a positive attitude to achieve his ultimate goal: helping others.

Mark Demski

As the Vertical Sales Team Leader for our government and municipal customers, he’s able to leverage his decades of experience as a responder and an emergency manager to deliver solutions that make a difference.

Read an account of Mark’s career, the lessons he has learned, and how he envisions the future of emergency management and response.

John Duddy

As a volunteer firefighter, John Duddy knows something about dedication. In addition to his full time job at Veoci and his beautiful family complete with a wife and two children, John spends his nights, weekends, and early morning hours responding to incidents with the Old Lyme Fire Department.

When asked how working for Veoci, an emergency management software platform, has impacted their role as firefighters, and vice versa, John explained that he understands the processes because he’s been there. He “can talk the talk because [he] walks the walk.” He’s been in the shoes of emergency managers when there was nothing like Veoci out there.

Vincent Jessel

Being the twentieth hire for the company comes with a level of perspective and sense of responsibility few others can have. Since he has always worked within the aviation vertical for Veoci, Vinny has had a front row seat to the growth and evolution not only of the organization, but of the solutions and number of customers the product has been able to impact.

Yohei Kakuda

For as long as he can remember, Yohei’s life has revolved around aviation. He began his career as an intern at San Jose Mineta International Airport. After the internship ended, he continued his journey in aviation at the Contra Costa County Airports and ultimately ended up at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) as an Airfield Safety Officer. 

After spending over 15 years working hands-on in the airfield at an international airport, an opportunity opened up for Yohei to change careers and join the Veoci team. As a Solutions Engineer, he has the knowledge and depth of experience to make solutions better for our airport customers.

Travis Leemreis

Travis began his career at Winter Haven Regional Airport. His role consisted of managing airport operations, operating Winter Haven’s fixed-base operator (FBO), and directly overseeing aeronautical services at the airport. Following that job, Travis took a position at Tampa International Airport (TPA) as Airport Operations Supervisor. During this time, Travis was the Terminal Manager for Airsides A & C, and he maintained TPA’s Airfield Part 139 compliance to uphold the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration.

After spending 4 years at TPA, he saw an opportunity open at Veoci and decided to change gears. With a background in aviation, the transition to Customer Success Manager for the Veoci Aviation Team fit well. 

Lance Lynch

For Lance Lynch, MBA, CBCP, a career in public safety and response should allow a practitioner to not only raise themselves, but the people around them. And through that lens, he’s continually sought out chances to expand that helping reach and increase the positive influence on people through his work.

Now, as the Healthcare Vertical Sales Team Lead at Veoci, he can continue bringing up those around him. With close to two decades of experience in the emergency response, planning, and mitigation for healthcare, Lance can steer healthcare organizations and coalitions towards strategies and solutions that make them better prepared to provide critical care even in the face of hardship.

Olivia Mayeaux

When Olivia started her new role as Customer Success Director in 2021, she saw an opportunity, just as she did as an undergrad. Emergency management is a steady but growing field, and it’s the new thinkers like Olivia that continue pushing it to evolve. Olivia joined a band of those pioneers in 2021, bringing a drive to better other emergency managers and their programs like she once did.

Chris McLaughlin

As a Solutions Engineer for Veoci, Chris McLaughlin takes his background and years of experience to help create, shape, and deliver critical crisis management solutions for Veoci’s enterprise, government, and education customers. His career so far has been an incredibly impressive one, and we at Veoci are fortunate to have him as a part of the team as he continues to find more ways to help others. 

Lauren Mink

For three and half years Lauren created, shaped, and delivered critical crisis management solutions for Veoci’s higher education customers as a Solutions Engineer. Now, she begins a new role as the Product Manager for Veoci’s Higher Education vertical, right off the back of earning the Certified Emergency Manager designation (CEM) through the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM).

With her years of experience as an emergency and continuity planner at both the county and university levels, she can continue making an impact on campuses across the country through this role. In her new role, Lauren will continue to serve Veoci’s higher education customers and further enhance current and develop new solutions.

Alex Nguyen

Moving from the aviation world to a private company after working in airport operations in Central Florida for many years, was somewhat of a culture shock, as there was more freedom in the work. Alex enjoys the communication and closeness of teams, an integral part of the Veoci culture. Since joining, time has flown for him as he was so invested in the work he has done at Veoci. With his aviation clients, he always has a new opportunity to build something interesting on the platform, and finds seeing his work implemented by clients very rewarding. He is always kept interested in his work, seeing the diverse ways in which the platform can be implemented to help clients.

Chip Orton

After working with him as a customer for over eight years, Veoci was lucky enough to welcome “Chip” George K. Orton III, MBA, CPM, CEM, TEM, onto the team late last year.

We are thrilled to be working alongside Chip in his new role as Product Manager for Emergency Management where he will work to further existing solutions, generate new offers, and implement innovative solutions. With his almost twenty years of field experience and his extensive engagement with the Veoci platform, he is uniquely qualified to aid in configuring and bettering offerings that the Emergency Management space needs.

Lance Rocks

On the Veoci team, there’s no shortage of impressive résumés or field experiences, and Lance Rocks only adds to that surplus.

Lance joined Veoci in 2022, and immediately went to work on creating the Veoci Exercise Series, exercises led by Lance and his team to give Veoci customers an opportunity to train for potential emergencies and other disruptions. With his 24 years in the U.S. Coast Guard and incredible emergency management experience, his perspective, advice, and mentoring is something our customers are sure to benefit from. 

Rich Smith

Rich serves as volunteer firefighter at the Old Lyme Fire Department in Connecticut, getting his start in the fire department at only 15. His experiences as a volunteer firefighter as well as working for FEMA as well as his unwavering dedication make him an incredible asset to our team as a Senior Solutions Engineer

John Taylor

The Veoci team is filled with a chorus of practitioners with myriad of experiences, a group that includes John Taylor (JT). JT joined the Veoci team as a Sales Executive and brings over 30 plus years of emergency management and technology years. We spoke with him, put those memories on paper, and asked what he has to offer for practitioners in the modern emergency management landscape.

Dia Wynn

Aviation provides many the opportunity to turn a passion into a career, a fact Dia Wynn knows well. Since childhood, Dia knew she’d wanted to be on the airfield. As her career grew, she saw more and more of the industry, learning the best practices from both the airfield and the offices. Now, as General Manager for Aviation at Veoci, she has another field to use her expertise in and the opportunity to change the way airports across the globe handle operations and foster an even stronger culture of safety across the industry.

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