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Practitioner’s Profile: Alex Nguyen: From Aerobatics to Improving Airport Operations

First Steps

Coming into his early career, Alex Nguyen didn’t know he would end up in the technology sector. Initially thought he might be a pilot.

Alex grew up in Tampa, Florida and was always interested in the surrounding airports. He began studying to fly but also found himself interested in how airports function, so he got his Bachelor’s in Aviation Management at Florida Institute of Technology as well. He achieved his commercial pilot’s license and even did aerobatics for some time. Alex learned a great deal from being in the air, but as flying regulations changed, he decided the management route would be the better thing to pursue.

Alex’s first job was in airport operations in central Florida. He did operations inspections, handled VIPs, maintenance, and more. In this environment he had to wear a lot of different hats, but it meant his work was always interesting. His many facets at work also gave him a clear sense of how an airport operates every day, and all that goes into it. The airport where Alex worked often held airshows, shutting down to accommodate visiting pilots. This too broadened his view of aviation, as he was able to meet a great deal of interesting people who came to visit the airport.

Alex worked at the airport for four years. He was part of a small staff, so he had many different projects that gave him a great deal of experience in the field. Many of his tasks were outside the scope of a usual job title, like working with famous planes or getting wildlife away from the runways. During this time, Alex’s airport was looking for a new software for operations management, and eventually landed on Veoci. Alex himself was interested in technology, especially as his field began to get more digital, and after working with the platform at the airport eventually came to work for Veoci.

New Horizons

Moving from the aviation world to a private company was somewhat of a culture shock, as there was more freedom in the work. Alex enjoys the communication and closeness of teams, an integral part of the Veoci culture. Since joining, time has flown for him as he was so invested in the work he has done at Veoci. With his aviation clients, he always has a new opportunity to build something interesting on the platform, and finds seeing his work implemented by clients very rewarding. He is always kept interested in his work, seeing the diverse ways in which the platform can be implemented to help clients.

Alex is proud of how he has seen the company grow, adding more experienced team members like himself and growing the clientele to more than 100 aviation customers, as well as expanding into the international sphere. Alex and the team continue to expand on what they can do with the product and who they are able to help. Alex is most motivated in his work at Veoci by how rewarding it is to create something from scratch and see it implemented. He enjoys seeing things he made being used every day by clients, making their lives easier. He also likes building relationships with clients, and the constant challenge of creating something that fits their needs.

Words of Wisdom

For those beginning their careers, Alex has some words of wisdom from his experiences. He advises to be a sponge and absorb everything you can wherever you are. His work in aviation has helped him make his work at Veoci much more effective. He was able to hold on to lessons from the odd tasks he did at his airport job, as well as from those senior to him in the field. He also advises to follow your interests in your career, and always continue learning. He never thought he would be at the position he is now, but he trusted his interests and they led him to a job where he is engaged and helpful to others, which he greatly values.

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