Veoci COOP

Continuity of Operations Planning

The Veoci COOP system is an easy-to-use planning tool that walks users, both planning practitioners and other stakeholders, through each step of developing a Continuity of Operations Plan.

A Comprehensive System With:

  • CGC, CPG 101, and NIMS compliant templates maintained for you
  • Live activations and notifications with tasking and assignment capabilities across multiple systems simultaneously
  • Integration with necessary other vendors currently in use, including but not limited to WebEOC, Everbridge, HR platforms, time tracking, Esri mapping, and asset management databases
  • Built-in testing, training and exercises – have data ready for after-action reports

Flexibility That Exceeds Expectations

A templated process ensures that all stakeholders experience a consistent and easy annex building workflow.

Simple forms encourage stakeholders to engage in the preparedness lifecycle and ensure your organization’s COOP always reflects accurate information.

Does your COOP building process work for all stakeholders?

Rooms let all stakeholders have a conversation about annexes, processes, risks, and other essential aspects of preparedness. Give stakeholders the power to participate whenever from wherever. Veoci is always accessible through web browsers and iOS and Android mobile apps.

Make preparedness life cycle an easy collaborative effort.

A dynamic plan immediately works changes to essential information from stakeholders into the master COOP, giving planners a hands-off approach to plan maintenance. Your master COOP document captures any updates stakeholders make and reflects all current information in an easy-to-read print template.

Monitor the status of annexes, facilities, and interdependencies all from one administrative Dashboard.

Go a step further — improve your COOP program through views into risk assessments, upcoming annex reviews, breakdowns by departments, capabilities, and more.

Continuity of Operations Planning – Reinvented.

Reviewing and building strong COOPs can be challenging. Ever-evolving guidance must be followed. Data must be maintained. Stakeholders throughout an organization must be engaged.

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COOP: Built by Practitioners

An easy-to-use planning tool that walks users through each step of developing a Continuity of Operations Plan.

Mark Demski


Former Emergency Manager/Lieutenant/Paramedic/ Firefighter with Baltimore County Fire Department

Chip Orton


Former Director of Emergency Management for Amarillo (TX) Area Office of Emergency Management

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Centralize everything in your EOC, from planning and emergencies to daily operations.

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