Veoci Core

The CORE of your EOC.

The last thing you need to do during an activation is to have to hunt down every form and tool you need. Veoci Core connects stakeholders, makes data actionable and interoperable, and centralizes everything in your EOC, from planning and emergencies to daily operations.

Veoci Core - Emergency Response

Emergency Management

No texts here, or an email there. Any message you need to send, any way you need to.

Flexible notifications
SMS, emails, phone calls, mobile push alerts, check-ins. Get word out how you need to to exactly who you need to.

Templates make sending your message as quick as a click or two.

Whatever the scenario, invite any and all stakeholders into one space to have a conversation virtually from their phones, tablets, and computers.

Hold conversations together and keep things organized through chat Threads.

Break into new Rooms and Side Rooms when conversations develop and special operations kick off.

Stakeholders and leadership can see everything they need to on one Dashboard.

No interruptions. Real-time updates show the response as its happening.

When we say everything in one place, we mean it. Create, store, and maintain every IAP and EOP from one location.

  • No hassle maintenance – Open the plan, make your changes, and save. Veoci will update everything else and keep version histories for you.

Permission and controls give you more flexibility. Any stakeholders can make updates with your approval.

  • Faster activations – Turn line items into actions. Send notifications when you launch, fire off tasks, and start the response in just seconds.
  • Turn AARs in action – Response data goes right from transcripts into your AAR, no translation needed.

Implementing corrective actions is simple as regular plan maintenance.

Leave nothing on the table. Bring the data you need in and ship it out just as easily.

  • Full ICS Forms in minutes – Digitize ICS forms and pull in data from your response.
  • Rapid form submission to FEMA – Print views package your complete ICS forms into FEMA’s expected format. Just download the report and upload to the portal.
  • Any data from anyone or anywhere – Gather information from stakeholders outside of the EOC citizens through mobile-accessible custom Forms.

Communication, Collaboration, Security, and Recovery.
Achieve it all with one powerful EOC platform.

Give every department and team within your municipal organization a secure, stable way to communicate, share documents, and track personnel and assets. Integrating with the tools you already use, Veoci gives you online and offline functionality, automates reporting and form-fills, and is easy for all your staff to use and customize.

What makes a strong Core.

Easy-to-use interface
You and all stakeholders can jump right in when you activate.

Built-in documentation
No parsing notes after the fact. Everything is recorded as it happens.

GIS Mapping
Visualize any location-based data to speed up analysis and decision-making.

Core solutions

  • Resource requests
  • Mission tracking
  • Situation reports
  • Road closure tracking
  • Shelter status
  • After-action reporting
  • Damage assessment forms
  • Mobile app
  • Situational awareness
  • Check-ins & notifications
  • File Library
  • Battle rhythm
  • Real-time mapping
  • IAP builder with ICS forms

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Core: Built by Practitioners

Combined decades of experience created Veoci: Core. We built it to address the address the issues you encounter every day

Mark Demski


Former Emergency Manager/Lieutenant/Paramedic/ Firefighter with Baltimore County Fire Department

Chip Orton


Former Director of Emergency Management for Amarillo (TX) Area Office of Emergency Management

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