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Addressing Burn-out, Compassion Fatigue, and the Integration of Mental Health in Emergency Management

Two young men discussing treatment in an bright, open space.

Chip Orton III, CEM, Product Manager for Emergency Management and Government, and Ruth Brown, MA Counseling, PhD Psychology – Trauma and Disaster Candidate, authored a piece in the November 2023 issue of the IAEM Bulletin on two of most important— but sometimes forgotten— topics in emergency management and response: burn-out and compassion fatigue.

Emergency managers and other emergency responders pay a heavy tax in their professions. Being thrust into disasters and other traumatic situations demands a lot from their emotional reservoirs, a toll that quickly compounds. Orton and Brown bring the topic to the forefront in their piece, discuss its causes, and offer some insight into how organizations at all levels can help their emergency responders handle this extra weight the profession asks its practitioners to carry.

You can read the published piece here on LinkedIn.

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