Inside NewYork-Presbyterian’s Virtual Platform for Incident Management and More

NewYork-Presbyterian is the largest hospital in the New York Metropolitan area. For the hospital’s Emergency Management department, ensuring patient care is at its best means incidents are mitigated swiftly and that all of the daily operations are completed efficiently.

Arthur Ditzel, Jr and his team found that the best way to keep NewYork-Presbyterian’s EM a well-oiled machine is to ensure each and every part is operating to the best of its ability. That meant eliminating duplicate systems and collaborating with one virtual platform to identify and track incidents, assign tasks, build and deploy emergency response plans, manage equipment and vehicle inventory, and much more.


Resilience and maintaining top patient care.

The best patient care comes from resilience and swift responses – see how NewYork Presbyterian maintains best-in-class care through resilience.

Consolidate apps and simplify operations.

Eliminate duplicate systems and build everything on one platform.

Large scale preparedness at sustainable scale.

NewYork-Presbyterian supports 3,000 beds, 47,00 employees, and 2 million annual visitors through its Veoci solutions.

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