Paperless City Webinar Series: Training Tracking with Baldwin County, AL

A person types on a laptop at a desk.

Doug Hatten from the Baldwin County Emergency Management Agency presented on his agency’s use of Veoci for streamlining training, certification, and budget tracking processes. As the Training Officer, Hatten built customized Dashboards in Veoci to manage staff compliance with required courses and monitor expenses against allocated funds.

Key benefits of adopting Veoci included consolidating information from different county departments into one shared platform. This eliminated redundant paperwork and separate tools. Baldwin County digitized training request Forms, allowing for electronic routing and approval.

Veoci also facilitates reporting of training metrics and saves documentation digitally. Hatten highlighted plans to improve planning and grants management as well as integrate inventory control using QR codes scanned with mobile devices.

Baldwin County demonstrates how Veoci can support coordination across jurisdictions while streamlining workflows for staff certification management, budget oversight, and compliance documentation. We encourage emergency managers looking to optimize administrative functions through a centralized solution to listen in and gain insight into why Veoci is the platform for them.

You can watch the recording here.

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