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Veoci: The All-in-one Solution to Supercharge Your Supermarket’s SOC

A person walks down an aisle in a supermarket.

When preparing for an event, weather or otherwise, or just preparing for a new week, one of the first things many do to prepare is make a run to the grocery store to pick up last minute items or pantry staples.

For many shoppers, it might be difficult to comprehend all of the behind the scenes work that happens in order to get the food that they are purchasing on the shelves. It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort, along with cross collaboration with countless departments. A store’s Security Operations Center (SOC) is pivotal in this process, during daily operations and of course in the event of an incident.

There are so many activities and processes that SOC’s need to manage and tend to. Their tools therefore need to be able to handle a large volume of actions, be flexible and adaptable, while also being a space for collaboration, and maybe most importantly, easy and intuitive for your users. Veoci provides that and more to our grocery customers. 

A One Stop Shop

Security operations centers (SOCs) are not new to the idea of digitization as they have been implementing different technologies to ensure their people and property’s safety for years. For many, they have multiple platforms for what they need. A challenge however often presents itself when suddenly a team needs to correctly sign in to each relevant platform in order to effectively respond to one event. 

Veoci can help solve this difficulty, by providing a single space for you to house every daily operation and response activity. Everything from ​​business continuity plan creation, maintenance and activation; workflow initiation and completions; call trees; critical and scheduled notifications and more, all within a single tab. These benefits can of course be utilized on desktop or laptop computers, but they can also be accessed in the field through a tablet or smartphone via the Veoci mobile app.

Any and all collaboration can also be done within Veoci. Real-time messaging and multichannel alerts ensure that essential teams are informed appropriately on events and any relative updates. This means that regardless of being in the same building, campus, or state, the security operations center is capable of responding effectively, and if necessary, to multiple events at once. 

The benefit of having a platform that is truly no-code means that you no longer need to wait for service providers to actually acknowledge your request, let alone supply a workable solution. This means that Admins can make changes as needed, whether those edits are applied across all locations or only address the specific challenges of a single office, warehouse or store.

Finally, one of, if not the most imperative feature of Veoci’s interface is its usability. The platform allows for a straightforward and easy experience for your end users. Limited training is needed and with a shorter learning curve comes reduced likelihood of mistakes when it comes to fulfilling tasks and reporting. Software should be user-friendly and accommodating to those utilizing it the most, as it should be a tool not a hindrance to getting the job done. 

Add Veoci to Your Next Shopping List

It’s time to take stock of the technology programs your SOC is using, and evaluate if it’s time to consolidate into a single platform, one that allows you the freedom to make changes ad hoc and perform any and all necessary activities.  

Veoci helps simplify daily tasks and event responses for supermarket security operation centers, allowing them to make sure that their stores are safe to shop and work in. Looking to learn more? Read a recent case study, How a Grocery Retail Chain Enables Its Security Operations Center with Veoci.

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