Tracking Office and Facility Statuses During the Pandemic

Apr 24, 2020

Back to Veoci BlogTracking Office and Facility Statuses During the Pandemic
Veoci Staff

Managing multiple branches of an organization is not an easy task even in ideal circumstances. COVID-19 adds another dimension to the challenges leadership has to face with branch management and communication. 

Veoci’s office status solution helps combat breaches in communication that might result during a crisis, such as a global pandemic. The solution offers a map display that shows all branch locations color-coded by status. 

For example, you could have green symbolize “open for business as usual,” yellow can be “open for essential personnel only,” and red could mean “closed for all employees.” These colors can change as each location is updated. 

You can also send notifications to a specific branch if there are updates to their status. In addition to notifications there is a location on the solution Dashboard within Veoci where administrators can post update messages. This, as well as the map, can be made public facing so all employees can access it. 

Another feature is the ability to ask a question and have it routed directly to your manager based on your home office location. This office status solution is an excellent ally for helping you to achieve business continuity during a crisis.

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