Save Time with a Digital Equipment Availability Survey

In the midst of COVID-19, healthcare organizations are partnering with emergency preparedness officials at all levels of government (local, state, regional or federal) to ensure that their hospitals are stocked with vital resources, and any shortages or surplus can be promptly reported.

As we have learned through this epidemic, this is not an easy task but getting it right is essential. The paperwork required to document available resources consumes much of the practitioners’ time and there is no efficient way of sharing the form among stakeholders or allowing multiple users to enter information at one time.

In response, organizations are turning to digital alternatives to help facilitate the data entry process and create a more efficient means of capturing, collecting and sharing inventory-related information. In fact, many of our existing customers are benefiting from Veoci’s customized online Form that they can easily use to capture and share pertinent information including inventory updates. Using this Form, information can be input in one centralized place and by more than one user (at the same time.)  Equipment availability is also easily shared among disparate jurisdictions. Fields can be added or configured to accommodate additional types of data.

The Form is also used to help organizations comply with the Joint Commission’s long-standing requirement that organizations document all contact with agencies that reside outside of their immediate geographic jurisdictions.

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