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Best of Veoci in 2015: A Year of Growth and Success for an Ever-Improving Product

Veoci is a product that is anything but stagnant, and looking back at 2015, we are amazed to see just how much we have continued to grow, improve and benefit those who use our software. New customers, new innovations, and many, many pounds of coffee consumed are just a few highlights of a prolific and exciting year.

Customer Growth
In the past year, Veoci has gained 55 new customers from various industries, and from them we have begun and will continue to gain insight in order to tailor our software to suit their specific and individual needs.

  • Aviation
    Our percentage of customers in the aviation industry has grown almost 200%, including the addition of our now largest customer, United Airlines. Our team has been working closely with United to ensure that Veoci will cover their plans, processes and many responsibilities to take a weight off our new partner’s shoulders.
  • Higher Education
    In 2015, we were able to extend Veoci’s multitude of features to focus on more daily uses for universities. Although we manage disasters and crises, Veoci is a tool for everyday use. For universities especially, our major customers such as University of Virginia, Yale, Virginia Tech and Illinois State University have utilized Veoci for day-to-day operational tasks and to organize and monitor large events like football games and commencement ceremonies. Emergency Manager for ISU, Eric Hodges, shared with attendees of a recent webinar on Veoci for Football Games, “We’ve successfully used Veoci for two seasons and it is especially useful for homecoming, the busiest game of the season, in showing a polished view of all public safety calls.”
  • Government
    Last year, we also acquired as a customer our largest city, Long Beach, CA. They were able to put Veoci to good use right away, just as El Niño struck southern California. Reggie Harrison, Director of Disaster Preparedness for the City of Long Beach, CA told us, “We are very concerned about El Niño. We will preload the priorities of the departments into the Veoci rooms, including Public Works, Parks & Rec, Fire, Marine, Lifeguards. We are setting up rooms with tasks that need to be done before the winter storms, like cleaning out catch basins and testing pump stations, updating documents and pictures of facilities for FEMA reimbursement, etc. Veoci will be used to organize and accelerate these processes and ultimately better prepare us for the anticipated storms.”

Internal Developments
With the growth of customers, our team has been working harder than ever to continue our tradition of constant, Agile improvement every two weeks. The core team has been on a two-week Agile cycle for 15 years – 10 at GE with SupportCentral and now five with Veoci.

For 2015, we logged 5,233 changes and fixes in the Veoci code and mobile app. This was spread over 25 bi-weekly releases with one release skipped for the winter holidays. This calculates to an average of 209 changes for each bi-weekly release. Bugs don’t stand a chance and new functionality pours out in a never-ending stream. For our customers – Your requirements are met and new ones are implemented as you discover your needs. And hopefully, when you think of something you need, we have already implemented it as someone else had already told us about it. We never forget that you, our customer, know best what you need. Our job is just software.

  • New Mobile App
Veoci mobile app.
  • Our development team released the third generation of our successful mobile app, making it even more intuitive with a sleeker interface. Some new and improved features include:
  • User-friendly, accessible interface
  • Working offline
  • Real-time alerts
  • GPS location polling
  • New Features
    With the release of new features or feature enhancements every two weeks, the team has much to be proud of. Just to highlight a few:
  • Generating after-action reports is easier than ever with the ability to now pull records into customizable, printable forms (ICS, HICS)
  • Calendar view with filters to supports views of your tasks, forms and workflows
  • Map enhancements to handle big data

Veoci Family Growth

In 2015, we were lucky enough to welcome three new Veoci babies! Nerea, Anthony and Hadley.

Team Caffeine Intake

Over two hundred pounds of coffee were consumed this past year (by only 6 real office coffee drinkers). We sampled Tanzanian Peaberry, Colombian Supremo and our homage to Star Wars, Black Knight Dark Roast.

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